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SMS, Facebook, and other inputs from your audience into your NeoWinners/ NeoScreener databases.

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NeoGroupe NeoAgent

NEOAGENT is the Perfect Link between Radio Stations and Listeners : Enhance the interaction with your audience.

NeoAgent is a turnkey data delivery service. Add a link on your web site to our forms and once an internet user confirms his registration, his question, or his comment, data is automatically delivered in your NeoWinners / NeoScreener.

Indeed, NeoAgent provides streamlined radio audience facilities including listeners self-registration for contest participation or for show attendance; browser-based question input to the NeoScreener database; automated retrieval of SMS,  Webform questions, contest schedule display for NeoScreener operators, in the on air schedule or a browser page.

Thus you can interface your NeoWinners / NeoScreener databases with your Texting or SMS provider, your iPhone Applications, your website, or your email.

…. all of this sparing time to your team as data entry is performed directly by the listeners…

Regarding its implementation, NeoAgent is a hosted service, with XML Web service applications. It is also available as a software product to install on your own servers. NeoAgent operates on any NeoWinners or NeoScreener database (HF, C/S, MySql, MSSQL, etc..). The solution runs on Windows / Apache 1.3, 2.0, 2.2, Windows / IIS 5, 6, 7. It is a XML Web Service under soap, multi-radios, and its delivery includes simple installation program and html example pages.

In brief, NeoAgent does :

  • Let internet users self register on a contest
  • Let internet users input themselves a question in the NeoScreener database through a Web browser, for a given show
  • Display current running contest information or current question on a dedicated display on the on-air studio.
  • Retrieve automatically the SMS’es and Web form questions in order to display them quickly to the crew in charge of NeoScreener
  • Let an external application retrieve today’s contests list
  • Display today’s contests schedule on a web page or in the on-air schedule
  • Let listeners register themselves for applying to a show attendance / participation
  • Handle automatically “Internet contests” for those seats you do not want to give away on air.

And last NeoAgent has various available functions which are :

  • GetShowsList with retrieving the list of shows defined in the system
  • GetContestsList with retrieving the list of contests or events scheduled over a period
  • PostIncomingMessages with adding a record in the incoming messages database
  • PostContacts with adding a record in the NeoScreener calls database
  • PostPreselected with adding a record in the preselected database (on a contest or show)
  • PostWinners with adding a record in the winners database

Main Features

  • Transfer of web forms data to your NeoWinners / NeoScreener databases. HTML pages can be hosted by you or NeoGroupe
  • Push of your SMS data to your NeoWinners / NeoScreener databases (SMS originating from your usual SMS provider), if SMS are XML’ed by your provider to the NeoWinners Agent Service
  • Retrieval / push and purge of emails from individual show mailboxes to your NeoWinners / NeoScreener databases. Your email boxes are delivered in your NeoScreener/ NeoWinners
  • Creation of winners records and assignment to internet contests (in the NeoWinners database) with stock avail control and winner eligibility
  • Browse of your database shows list
  • Retrieval of future planned contests in your NeoWinners database
  • XML Service available for your radios on internet 24 / 7 with fail-over configuration (“failover ip”) on dedicated NeoWinnersAgent servers. The servers are located on a 1 GB internet backbone
  • Service monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Service configuration for your entries / radios
  • Assistance for you or your providers for the set up of links towards your databases through the XML web service
  • Buffering and back-up of data in case your database is not reachable. The service will deliver this data again when your database becomes visible again.

Technical Details

  • XML Web Service under soap
  • Operates on Windows / Apache 1.3, 2.0, 2.2, Windows / IIS 5, 6, 7
  • Multi- radios
  • Delivery includes simple installation program and HTML ewample pages
  • Operates on any NeoWinners or NeoScreener database (HF, C/S, MySQL, MSSQL, etc…)
  • If your database is unreachable, we will store data in, the mean time for you
  • Service is hosted on a fail-over IP system and on two different sites, which are redundant

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