NeoGroupe Business System

Purchases, assets and inventory management adapted for small to medium sized companies.

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NeoGroupe Business System NBS

NBS is a modular software solution which manages budgetspurchasingassets and inventory.

NBS accelerates administrative processing by avoiding multiple entries. With a common database, NBS eases all information exchange between ManagementAdministrative Services (accountings / purchasing…) and Technical Services.

Thanks to the NBS Smart version, your mobile teams have quick access to the central database, to handle inventories, scan your assets and make any kind of adjustment directly form their SmartPhone.Even with numerous complex features, NBS maintains the simplicity of NeoGroupe’s developments. NBS runs on Windows, tablets, SmartPhones and some of its features are available in HTML.
Thanks to NBS, ease the work of your associates, index your assets and track your purchases in real time.

NBS Features


  • Budgets by project or job
  • Detailed current budgets (budget/ authorized/ invoiced/ remaining/ updated) by year
  • Budget usage instant vision with list of all purchases assigned to budget, and list of lines remaining to order
  • Instant Budget totals
  • Fast budgets definition
  • Budget lines creation assistance (duplication and optional use of inventory lines)
  • Purchase requests creation from budget lines
  • Budgets can accept lines from several requesters
  • Budgets validation by management before use (partial validation possible)
  • Filtering of budgets list per year
  • Filtering of budget lines by requester



  • Customizable authorization cycle: creation, transmission to accountings, then to management and finally to CEO/ Final approver level if budget exceeded
  • HTML module available (PC/ Mac/ Tablets/ Smartphones, …)
  • Filtering of purchase requests according to user and his rights
  • Filterign available by vendor/ date/ status/ requester/ addresses
  • Purchase requests creation with vendor proposals and detailed information on the purchase (final owner/ site/ vendor/ delays/ subject/ details, …)
  • Email alerts system when a purchase request changes of status (to be warned that a request has been approved for example)
  • Budget assignment and optional analytic accounts assignment
  • Assignment to locations
  • Approval (partial or complete) or rejection are possible at any stage
  • Details request possible at any stage
  • Automatic transmission to upper approval level in case one of the budgets is exceeded
  • Instant display of assigned budgets state allowing decision making (with budget amount before/ after PR)
  • Received invoice tracking
  • Cancellation of an approved purchase request with budgets restoring
  • Recycling of a rejected or cancelled purchase request
  • Automatic purchase order generation from PR entered data
  • Single data entry: information is only entered once from purchase request, to order and then to hardware assets tracking and/ or administrative documents
  • Automatic transfer of ordered items into the hardware inventory (with record creation)
  • The purchases request processing time has been reduced on some installations from 3 weeks to 1.5 days in average



  • Automatic transfer of ordered items in the hardware inventory
  • Record creation upon scan of an unknown barcode
  • Manual record creation with default fields values (only description entry)
  • Record duplication (with serial numbers entry or barcode scan only)
  • Filtering or items on many criteria, including some history event type over a period: Site/ Location/ Owner/ Brand/ Vendor etc.
  • Searches available on any field of the selection results
  • Subsets management (barcodes on each of the elements). A machine can be composed of several elements. Adding by single scan.
  • Serialized items management
  • Independant barcode labels printing (NeoStock can also be used with pre-printed labels, NBS printed labels or both)
  • More than 120 fields Finance/ Accountings/ Technical/ loans/ rentals/ documents/ etc.
  • History of changes and events on each item
  • Each item can have attached documents. Documents (invoice, config files, manuals, …) can be attached or scanned directly within NBS
  • Cascaded changes on the components of an item/ machine
  • Notifications by email
  • Management of holders/ owners/ categories/ brands/ locations/ vendors/ state/ history types
  • Stock valuation (total of values)
  • Barcodes printing on items list or on single item records with logo and serial
  • “Machine” record report containing all components
  • Automatic history on designated fields value changes
  • Mass changer on items selection lists
  • INVENTORY by site/ location without preparation, by Bluetooth barcode reader

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