AeroAudio HP AMP +DSP Table Mount

Table Mount headphone amplifier +DSP

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AeroAudio HP AMP +DSP Table Mount

The HPH DSP TM is a studio quality DSP controlled class AB headphone amplifier with gain control, three-band EQ and limiter.
Three key features make this amplifiers outstanding for studio use. The first feature is the high slew rate that prevents odd order distortion anomalies.
The second feature is current-on-demand at the output that enables the amplifier to respond quickly and linearly when necessary without risk of output distortion. When large amounts of output power are suddenly needed, the amplifier can respond extremely quickly without raising the noise floor of the system and degrading the signal-to-noise ratio.
The third feature is the gain-independent frequency response that allows the full bandwidth of the amplifier to be used over a wide range of gain settings.

On power up the DSP amp will load stored EQ, limiter and output attenuation settings. Gain will be at mute. In normal use a user can only use the volume control (Gain). By pressing the control encoder for approximately 4 seconds the settings menu will be displayed.
The settings menu contains the following submenu’s:
• Gain
• EQ Low
• EQ Mid
• EQ High
• LIM TH (threshold)
• LIM ON (Limiter on or off)
• ATTENUATE (Output attenuation)
By pressing the encoder again the selected submenu will be entered and settings can be live adjusted. After a short press the new setting will be stored and the menu falls back into volume control. If the encoder is untouched for approximately 3 minutes, the open (sub)menu closes and control falls back into normal volume control. Adjusted settings will be stored and active. After a power cycle all stored settings will be loaded.

Table mount
The rock solid miniature casing hides away under your desk with a special design so your knees are safe from painfully bumping it. A small bright shining LED let’s you find the Amp instantly.

Power supply: 12 volt DC, 500mA
Power consumption: 300mA (nominal)
Maximum output power per channel (without limiter) @1Khz:
300mW at 32 ohm
Distortion @ 1Khz, 100mW: < 98dB
Channel separation @1Khz: < 101dB
Frequency response: 22Hz – 22KHz
Gain: -60 ~ 0dB
EQ: -12 ~ +12dB
EQ Low centre frequency: 200Hz
EQ Mid centre frequency: 800Hz
EQ High centre frequency: 1800Hz
Limiter: -24 ~ 0dB
Output attenuation -24 ~ 0dB
Balanced audio input L/R at +6dBU
Input load: 33Kohm

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